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Conventional cholesterol tests are very poor predictors of risk for future cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and stroke. A conventional cholesterol test (lipid panel) is a 1946 test, which... according to the surgeon general... should not be used as a stand alone test for dispensing medication. Approximately 50% of people that suffer cardiac events have normal old fashioned lipid panels, not a very good record.   There are many problems with a simple old fashioned cholesterol test:  LDL cholesterol is classically thought of as "bad cholesterol".   But some LDL cholesterol is good, and some is very dangerous. The most dangerous LDL cholesterol is Lp (a), nicknamed the "heart attack cholesterol."  Lp(a) is genetic and does not respond well to diet, exercise, or prescription medication,  but can be lowered with nutrition.  This can not be determined from a traditional cholesterol test.  In addition, HDL is classically thought of as "good cholesterol."  Wrong again, three types of HDL cholesterol are considered higher risk and two types of HDL cholesterol are very good at preventing cardiac events. Even worse, very high levels of HDL cholesterol may indicate dysfunctional HDL, damaged to the point it isn't working to clear oxidized LDL from your arteries.   Total cholesterol has zero predictive value with respect of cardiac risk. 
Carriers of LDL and HDL cholesterol called lipoproteins are better predictors of cardiac events than cholesterol itself.  Some inflammation markers are much better predictors of cardiac events than cholesterol tests.  There are genetic tests, clotting factor tests, and many more tests that can be readily ordered to evaluate risk of cardiac events.  

A Cardio IQ advanced fractionated cholesterol test with inflammation markers is a great start.  and the Cardio IQ test helps flush out the details    Boston Heart Diagnostics and Cleveland Heart Labs are specialists in cardiovascular testing, and offer a variety of tests offered by man labs.  Their tests are covered by many insurances.  

One fantastic test is offered by Brainspan (, which utilizes one drop of blood taken in our office or it can be done in the comfort of your  home.  Brainspan biopsies the red blood cell membrane and reports the exact ratio of omega 6 (inflammatory fatty acids) compared to omega 3 (anti-inflammatory fatty acids).  The average person in America has an omega 6/omega 3 ratio between 15:1 up to 25:1,      This ration should be about 8:1 or less.  This test costs $149.00 and should be done by everyone, given the vast implications of cell membrane fatty acid deficiencies, such as diabetes, cardiac events, joint pain, brain health, surgical recovery, skin health, and much more.  Brainspan reports are very enlightening, and easy to understand, and often lead patients to make significant changes that benefit their life. 

If blood pressure is your issue, there are additional tests that can lead to rapid recovery from hypertension, and may direct you supplementation and lifestyle changes that may reduce or completely eliminate need for prescription medication. 70% of hypertensive patients have nutrient deficiencies contributing to their condition, which can easily be remedied. 

Contact Fowler Chiropractic and set up a consult to discuss your needs regarding cardiovascular and cell membrane testing.  

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