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Fowler Chiropractic and Natural Medicine offers comprehensive  programs to treat all types of conditions, ranging from simple heartburn and indigestion, gas and bloating to autoimmune conditions, fatigue, fibromyalgia, skin conditions, joint pain, headaches,  inflammation,  high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, male and female issues, cardiovascular issues, and many more.   Lyme Disease and other tick born infections.   Acute bites are typically handled well with antibiotics, but if the Lyme spirochete bacteria develop a stronghold in your body it can be a very challenging condition to treat.  Through the use of cold laser therapy, Biolight laser and stem cell therapies, Rife frequency therapy and botanical intervention, we have an excellent success rate of symptom relief from tick bit syndromes.    

Through excellent lab testing and 24 years of advanced training in functional medicine, Dr. Fowler can help with hundreds of medical issues. Give us a call to discuss how we may help yours.  

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