Best on the planet.  Takes a ton of time with everyone.  Can fix almost anything.  Used PEMF and supplements  to fix my gall bladder and bile duct issues; eliminated my neck pain I had for 35 years, fixed my sciatica which I was told was untreatable.  The list goes on.  Very skilled with a lot of great equipment. .   A.I. 

Made me foot ware inserts for my plantar fasciitis. I've head numerous pairs of inserts over the years, none of them working.  The inserts he made were great.  Now I can play tennis again.  So happy.  S.G.

Fixed a severely painful toe by releasing everything from my back to the toe. One visit.  Amazing D. B. 

Great doctor.  Really cares and has a lot of knowledge.  I'm a masters sprinter and have wrecked just about everything in my back and legs.  He always seems to have a solution.  And when surgery was needed, he coached me to a much faster recovery.  D. S.

Was headed for the knife due to three rotator cuff tears.  First visit I saw an improvement, and within three weeks I had no pain.  Amazing.  R. M. 

Had severe digestive issues, heartburn, gas bloating.  He did a complete workup and within one month I was completely normal.  So grateful. C.B.

Used laser and dry needling to help my left buttock pain.So glad its finally gone.  L. C. 

Can't say enough.  Really a god sent.  Suffered w severe Lyme Disease and Dr. Fowler really helped.  Has a lot of great equipment and knowledge.  Great herbs and supplements. Put it all together with PEMF, radio frequencies, supplements, laser and I'm back to life.   So happy I went to see him. S. K. 

Helped me with  advanced cardiovascular lab testing and treatment.  Everyone in my family has some type of cardiac event.   He helped me understand why it was happening. Fully explained the problem and got all my labs to better levels with nutrition, diet and exercise.  Very cool.  Highly recommend seeing Dr. Fowler for a good cardiac workup. A. G. Really cares.  Can help with almost anything.  We nicknamed him "Dr. God." C.O.

I've sent everyone I know to Doctor Fowler, and everyone comes back thanking me.   Don't hesitate. He can help most problems, and if he can't he will make a great referral.  Gets stuff better super fast.   D. U.

Helped my husband with severe fatigue,  sciatica, neck pain and more.  He has helped me with so many problems I can't even list them.  So happy we found him.  Highly recommended.  D. M

Love his traction tables.  Helped with long standing neck pain and back pain from mixed martial arts.  J. C. 

Helped me with weight loss.  I thought it was impossible to lose weight after menopause, but he balanced my hormones, looked into food sensitivities, and finally I have lost the weight I was trying to get rid of.  T. H. 

Great place to go for all kinds of problems.  Helped me with advancing osteoporosis.  Used a combination of supplements and PEMF and for the first time I gained bone density.  So happy.  C.R.. 

Chronic shoulder pain so much better.  Very skilled.  Different than PT.  Highly recommend him.  I'm back to playing golf and loving it.  D.P.

Did the Brainspan Test and learned how our diet is stacked against us.  Great test.  Completely changed my eating and supplementation and feel like a million.  Everyone should do this.  J.N.

Can't go wrong with this guy.  I had carpal tunnel syndrome for a long time.  Neck pain too. Straightened it all out.  Can sleep again without getting numb hands.  Didn't take long either.  J. B

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  • "Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone."
  • "Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient."

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